Because dew on the substrate disturbs the adhesion by the water film between the adhesive bead and the substrate, no condensation on the surface of the substratemay be observed! When bonding you have to avoid dew on the surface of the substrate at all matter!

Control of the dew point is, in addition to cleaning, drying and degreasing the surfaces, the key to the quality of the bonding. At the time when dew or condensation occurs on the surfaces this always has an insufficient adhesion as a result!

What is the critical combination of temperature and relative humidity (RH) in relation to the dew point? Use this calculator to determine with the different combinations of temperature, relative humidity the exact dew point.

This calculator gives the dew point (the temperature of the air to become saturated so it becomes liquid again), depending on ambient temperature and relative humidity.

Upon further cooling, therefore at a lower temperature, condensation occurs on the surface of the substrate and then it is forbidden to bond.

The temperature of the substrate always must be, to prevent any condensation, 3°C above the dew point.