What is the Tweha Academy?

For Tweha, instruction and training are a solid foundation for the complete process of expert support. To guarantee maximum quality it is important that everyone who works with our bonding systems always has the most up-to-date knowledge and skills. The support provided via the Tweha Academy guarantees this.

Knowledge transfer

To ensure that the ‘bonding of facade cladding’ leads to a safe and durable result, the bonding system has to be suitable and properly processed. The suitability of the adhesive is guaranteed by several tests. However, applying a good adhesive connection requires a minimum level of expertise.

For the applier of the bonding system it is necessary to have sufficient knowledge about the adhesive, the applying conditions, the quantity of the adhesive to be applied and the ‘applying-time’. Without this knowledge it is possible that an adhesive connection is applied which does not meet the prescribed requirements and expectations.

Tweha has developed extensive guidelines and instruction videos to explain the applying process in detail. However you will come across different situations where a more in-depth knowledge is needed to be able to solve those issues. That is why we have developed the course “Tweha’s bonding systems in practice”. This course can be given at our head office in Eersel or ‘in situ’ with your employees, clients and (sub)contractors.


Anyone who directly or indirectly, regularly or once for a small or large project gets in contact with the bonding of façade cladding can benefit from our course. It is suitable for those who apply the bonding systems at the building site as well as for persons that are indirectly involved with the bonding project, like surveyors, foremen and also for salesmen of construction material shops to increase their knowledge of materials and constructions.

Course information

The course consists of a theory part and various practical parts. The course material is included and will be presented at the beginning of the course.

Course contents

The aim of the course is to increase the knowledge of the course members concerning the materials which can be used for bonding and to explain the basic principles needed to achieve a good bonding:

  • Properties of bonding
    What are the advantages of bonding compared to mechanical connection methods, which factors need to be considered when starting a bonding project.
  • Bonding process
    The various aspects of the bonding process will be explained. Attention is paid to the properties and composition of the various types of façade cladding.  Potential supporting structures which can be implemented are discussed and shown and the different components of a bonding system and their function will be explained. After a short demonstration course members will put their new-learned knowledge about bonding into practice.
  • To build with a bonding system
    When the façade panel is attached with a bonding system, the façade panel transfers many forces (wind load, dead weight, shrinkage and expansion) to the adhesive. We will explain how all of this works.
  • Certification
    An assessment exists for both the bonding system and for the application of the bonding system. The guideline for assessment is explained briefly.  Attention is paid to the requirements which an applying company has to meet in order to obtain a Tweha Quality Certification.
  • Failures in the application process
    Making a mistake when bonding façade panels can have serious consequences. Therefore, you are going to test the “bond-ability” of different materials and different forms of failure will be discussed. In addition, some common problems will be discussed to prevent problems in practice.