reachNatural Stone is actually the background of the present owner of Tweha. Back then he was driving around in his car when he saw for the first time in his life how builders where gluing Trespa panels to a substructure. He had to park his car and go up to see how this worked. From then on the love and admiration for bonded cladding technology was born and was here to stay forever.

Stony materials such as natural stone and ceramics provide a façade a special appearance. In the beginning the adhesive was only applied with panels. Soon we started working on the formulation out of which Tweha StoneMate was born. Tweha StoneMate is a one-component high-end hybrid-polymer and specially designed for stony materials such as natural stone, ceramics and composite materials in a sustainable way to bond. Forget the hideous hooks in sight and complex anchoring from the past! Another important advantage of StoneMate is that the often heavy stony materials can be made much thinner because you don’t need the thickness anymore that was required for fixing screws and having a strong enough point load.

With Tweha StoneMate we have opened up a world of possibilities for stony materials that is endless. Tweha StoneMate is used in both new construction and renovation projects in the residential and commercial buildings market.