reachEnergy from the sun provide consistent and steady source of solar power throughout the year. Solar energy benefit environment as well. Solar energy is one of the most widely used renewable energy source.

But… solar panels are mostly installed on a roof…

So why not create a futuristic architecture by using these solar panels for cladding?

Obvious an issue to be solved is the fact that common dimensions of the standard solar panels generally do not correspond with the grid lines of the cladding. So you must be able to customize solar panels just as other conventional cladding materials.

One of our customers has taken up the gauntlet. They are able to produce customized solar panels, with high quality photovoltaic modules that convert sunlight directly into electricity. Together we developed a smart and aesthetic solution for the installation of the cladding as a bonded cladding, as we are used to with conventional cladding materials.

With our special developed bonding system SolarMate these panels are easy to install. This solution fits to the most daring architectures.