reachTweha PanelMate (heretofore LijmTec) is the original product with which Tweha has entered this market back in the late eighties. Tweha PanelMate is being applied successfully for more than 25 years now. The bonding systems of Tweha distinguish themselves in the market by its specific composition and high quality.

Tweha PanelMate is a one-component high-end hybrid-polymer. Its unique formulation provides the highest values for adhesion, tensile and shear strength. The use of an aggressive adhesive primer is unnecessary, which results in significant savings in time and money.

This bonding system provides fast, invisible and extremely durable fixing of almost all types and brands of facade and wall panels. Thanks to our long-standing experience, there is almost no material or brand that we haven’t worked with.

Therefore the use of Tweha PanelMate is extremely broad and can be applied with materials such as HPL panels, fibercement board and polyester concrete.

Tweha PanelMate is mainly used for gluing entire façades in residential and commercial building, but is also suitable for amongst others bonding cladding, fascias, eaves, canopies, ceilings, dormer windows, panelling and, partitions.

Especially in renovation, the combination of stony strips on a supporting panel is very popular. Old buildings and office buildings often are renovated. The new standards for insulation are applicable for these renovated buildings, meaning that a new and thicker insulation package must be installed. In order to cover that layer, a ventilated curtain wall construction is installed because otherwise the building line would not allow for a complete outer leaf of full bricks. The look of the façade is maintained thanks to a frame of fibercement boards with brick strips glued on it.

This system has been developed especially for refurbishment and renovation because it offers great flexibility and complies with all applicable insulation standards.