Self drilling screws

Ejot JT3, fixing frame to aluminium support brackets. An A2 stainless steel, with case-hardened carbon steel drill point, self-drilling screw, fixing aluminium or steel to aluminium, and/or steel. Drive Torx 20. Drill capacity 3 mm aluminium.

Free Spin Zone under the head facilitates longitudinal joints, small dead centre prevents misalignment on the component surface and vulcanised elastomer washer gives an excellent atmospheric and UV-resistance.

When installing the screws, a power screwdriver with depth control stop is used which is set up in such a way that no friction is generated between the screw head and the support profile.


  • Connects components in one step: drilling, thread forming and fastening.
  • Decreases assembly times by saving tool changes and costs for drilling tools.

Masonry anchor

Ejot SDF-KB-10×80, an A4 stainless steel masonry anchor with nylon plug is used for fixing metal sections and brackets of aluminium, galvanised steel or timber frame to concrete, blockwork or brick.