Moisture meter

In order to be able to define the correct dew point, it’s critical to take the correct measurements. It is therefore highly recommended to use a moisture meter.

The device Tweha offers is extremely versatile and can measure the moisture content of cut wood, plasterboard as well as solid materials such as concrete and screed. This is shown directly on the display. The device can also measure the ambient temperature. Both values are necessary to calculate the dew point.

Roof Trim Clip

One of the most common mistakes in the application process of ventilated facades is the lack of adequate ventilation. How often does it happen that the roofing contractor, long after the cladding application has been completed, places the roof trim too tight against the facade panel so the ventilation is blocked? Research shows that this happens far too often!

Therefore Tweha provides this roof trim clip for free. By using this roof trim clip, you always ensure that a correct ventilation opening is created. This roof trim clip is suitable for 6 and 8 mm plates and must be applied c.t.c. 600 mm.

Sealant guns

In order to apply all our adhesives correctly, Tweha offers a wide range of sealant guns. They give a continuous variable injection pressure which ensures an even spread of the adhesive. All of our sealant guns stop immediately when the lever is pressed.

Upon request we can also provide you with electric or pneumatic sealant guns!

Cutting wire set

You can disassemble a façade panel by cutting the bonding beads behind the facade panel using a cutting wire set. The wire set consists of a braided wire and two very solid pull handles, which both have a safety pin, so that in case of a wire break a safe distance between the hand and the wire is obtained. Always wear safety gloves to protect your hands, even when mounting the cutting wire!

To disassemble the facade panel you have to place the cutting wire behind the panel above into the horizontal joint and then cut with long movements, cutting through the bonding beads at the back of the existing facade panel’s. Caution! Make sure you have a provision to handle, or to fix, the facade panel at the moment that the glue strips are cut through. Use for each façade panel a new cutting thread: the cutting heat makes the wire brittle.