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Global expert in bonded cladding technology

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As global expert in bonded cladding technology, it goes without saying that Tweha provides a complete package of products and services. Apart from our main product line of adhesives, we also supply tapes, cleaners and surface improvers to ensure the best possible adhesion

Success Stories

Tweha has many years of experience in the area of sustainable wall cladding and completed thousands of projects in our 25-year history. We maintain our edge in this specialist field by working together with each client and training our staff on an ongoing basis.

About Tweha

Welcome to the world of Tweha; the bonding people. We proud ourselves for being a global expert in bonded cladding technology since 1992. Bonding technology is what we are all about and we are sure you can find anything you want to know about bonded cladding on our website.

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Tests are an essential part of the TWEHA concept. Our bonding…


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