Do you know that each year worldwide as much as 2.5 billion pieces mastic tubes (in comparison: 80 times the volume of the Titanic, every year) ending up in the garbage disposal?

The care and conservation of the environment has always been one of TWEHA’s major concerns. Sustaining our lifestyle and the crucial environmental balance that this implies requires specific policies and tangible actions. TWEHA has always been well ahead of market trends in this area, and for more than 30 years has been implementing improvements to its production systems, aimed at minimising their impact on the environment.

TWEHA’s environmental strategy goes far beyond the optimisation of production systems; indeed, our efforts are also centred on the introduction of products and packaging that contribute to the reduction of enviromental impact.

Consequently Tweha also wants to invest in the reduction of the ‘plastic soup’. The plastic tubes will soon be replaced by sausages in recyclable foil. To obtain a widely acceptance Tweha even goes so far that the required special caulking guns temporary will be included for free!

Again Tweha manifests itself as one of the most innovative, for a clean and sustainable world a necessity. Not only for ourselves but also for our children!

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