The facade of the Hilton hotel on Schiphol Amsterdam Airport opened a year and a half ago is cladded largely with fire-hazardous panels, according to research by NRC. The coming months cladding will be replaced.

Last month casualties were regretted in London due to cladding of a residential tower which was fire-hazardous. The Hilton at Schiphol is known to be the first Dutch building replacing cladding after this disaster due to doubts about fire safety.

Schiphol has never announced that the facade of the prestigious new Hilton hotel – 433 rooms, 23 meeting rooms and a ballroom – since its completion in spring 2016 is not fireproof. Now it is unclear how it could be that the building, which won the “European Hotel Design Award for Best New Building Hotel” last year, was taken into use because this safety problem was already known at completion.

Hungarian construction workers reported this week to NRC that they were replacing the hotel’s facade panels because of “fire hazard”. A spokesman of the owner of the property says that “after completion it turned out that some of the the window-like panels made of composite material did not meet the restricted fire requirements”. They do not meet “fire class requirements” and are now replaced by “aluminum panels that meet the legal requirements”.

The hotel will remain open to the public because there is no danger according this spokesman. The hotel’s façade means “less than one minute” less time in case of fire than legally obligatory “and that is still quite safe”.

source brandgevaar

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