As global expert in bonded cladding technology we feel it is our obligation to share all of our knowledge and expertise with you. It is in our interest and that of the total market that everybody who is active in this part of the construction industry knows what he/she is doing.

We offer to dowload

  • There are many variables that influence the right choice of substructure, panel material and bonding system. In the section product documentation you can find all the relevant information about our products.
  • Moreover we have created a large number of white papers over the years that provide guidance in sometimes very particular situations or circumstances. We constantly create new white papers whenever we come across topics that we feel you can benefit from in your daily work.
  • Further you will find al our guarantee documents.
  • As well as our quality certificates.
  • And last but not least our great TwehaCalc app.

Enjoy the read and let us know if there is anything that you miss and we will make sure it is added to our online knowledge library.