‘Surfaces to be bond must be dry, clean and free of grease’ as stated in the Instruction For Use on behalf of TWEHA products.

A ‘wet-saw’ cutting system will account for probably 95% or more of the cuts on most natural stone veneer or slabs. This wet saw cutting system works on the concept of water being applied to the blade and to the tile or slab of natural stone to provide lubrication, cooling and rinsing as the blade cuts through.

The sediment that arises when sawing natural stone, is usually partly found as dust on the back of the plate (front is processed, so this sediment has disappeared on the front of the plate).

The bonding on this layer of dust or sediment will not be successful because this sediment adheres only loosely to the surface of the natural stone and then manifests itself as a layer of dust between the natural stone slab and the adhesive bead and thus frustrates the adhesion of the adhesive on the natural stone.

So in case this layer of sediment or dust occurs, wipe it off with a brush before applying your adhesive!

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