Tweha’s history goes back to 1992. We then started to support our first projects with bonded cladding technology solutions in the Netherlands. Tweha’s bonding system was unique at that time because we were the first to market a one-component bonding system that didn’t require the use of an aggressive adhesive primer. From 1992 onwards things went very quick. In 1993 we already supplied our bonding system to over 30 different projects.

The real change, however, took place in 1999: the current owner took over the company and, unlike many of our competitors who have a background in chemistry, the new owner of Tweha actually came from the world of natural stone cladding. And that’s what gave Tweha expert status. In addition to the in the Tweha organization embedded content and knowledge of adhesives there was the equally important technology knowledge about façade cladding and other materials brought in. And that’s what makes Tweha such an expert. We do not only know a lot about adhesives but actually and at least equally important we know a lot about the cladding materials used. And that’s exactly the differentiating factor of Tweha. As a true expert, we have worked with any material you can think of and can tell you exactly what to do in terms of bonded cladding technology. And if we don’t know it yet, we will immediately perform extensive testing to understand the new material and its interaction with our bonding system.

Where we concentrated in the beginning on working with mostly panel materials like HPL and fiber cement, soon we also got the market to adopt bonding systems in combination with all kinds of stone materials. Within a couple of years we became the absolute market leader in bonding systems in the Netherlands. Just after the Milennium we started spreading our wings outside of the Netherlands. From a project here and there in the world, we saw some countries picking up the vast possibilities of this technology pretty quickly which gave us another boost in growth. By now Tweha has done projects in more than 40 countries which has given us the position to be the only true global specialist in bonded cladding technology.

Like many companies in the building & construction market Tweha has also suffered from the crisis years from 2009 onwards. We have seen the bottom of that crisis in the past years and we are now back in a slightly growing market. As an independent company we have continued to belief in this market and we have continued to work on strengthening our position. Over the years we have seen some of our competitors copying our invention but many others still continue to use old-fashioned primers. We see it as our task to stretch creativity also in our field of expertise and that’s why we are committed to stay ahead of the game at all times.

Tweha will once again surprise the world with its newest invention in bonded cladding technology. All adhesive products must now comply with REACH regulation 276/2010 in which among other things, is determined that dibutyltin (DBT), which is used as part of the curing catalyst for MS Polymer Systems, has to be drastically reduced to a value <0.1%.
Tweha took this one step further and has ensured that her newly developed bond is completely free of tin.

Tweha will always be at the forefront of product innovation as this is the root of our existence. We are therefore proud to share our newest invention with the world of bonded cladding.