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Article 1 Exoneration

1.1. This website has been developed with the greatest care and attention for its contents and composition. However, Tweha will accept no liability forthcoming of the consulting and use of the information provided.

Article 2 Contents website

2.1. The information given on the website is strictly informative. The mentioned quantities, specifications, prices, terms of delivery and other characteristics are indications as well as can be given. No rights or liability can be claimed from any of the information given on the website.

Article 3 Copyright and prohibition

3.1. This website contains copyrighted material including but not limited to text and photographs.
3.2. It is, with respect to the exceptions under law, prohibited to duplicate, exploit, modify or use in any way the information found on this website or otherwise given to you by Tweha without the explicit written permission of Tweha .
3.3. It is also not allowed, with respect to the exceptions under law, to hyperlink to the Tweha website or e-mail address through other websites or digital means without the explicit written permission of Tweha.

Article 4 User information

4.1. Tweha specifically states that by visiting her website information can be received from its visitors.
4.2. By commencing the website tour you accept that this information can be received, saved, used by Tweha for marketing purposes. Information received in this way will be permanently removed from our database after a written request from the party in question.
4.3. To ensure that a request of removal mentioned in article 4.2 is received by Tweha requests will only be accepted by fax or registered mail. Address- and fax-information for Tweha can be found on her website.

Article 5 Orders resulting from website consultation

5.1. When an order is placed for one or more of the products presented by Tweha on her website, Tweha is committed to deliver after a written confirmation of delivery has been received by the buyer. On such order the general conditions stipulated by Tweha are effective and exclude any other conditions. Tweha has the right to refuse an order or state more conditions if so desired.

Article 6 General Conditions

6.1. The general conditions stated by Tweha apply to all offers, services and agreements, excluding any order conditions.
6.2. The general conditions also apply to the further viewing of this website. By proceeding on this website visitor accepts these general conditions stipulated by Tweha . Click here to consult General Conditions for Tweha

Article 7 Applicable law and controversy resolution

7.1. On all agreements and the thereof forthcoming legalities between Tweha and a contract party, Dutch law will exclusively be effective.
7.2. The stipulations in 7.1 will also apply when contract party resides or delivery takes place, in whole or part, abroad.
7.3. The application of the Vienna Treaty is by all means excluded.
7.4. The competent court in the territory of the registered office of Tweha has sole jurisdiction in settling disputes, unless written law appoints

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