About us

Welcome to the world of Tweha; the bonding people

In this section we want to share with you our vision on bonded cladding technology; the world we love.

We proud ourselves for being a global expert in bonded cladding technology since 1992. Bonding technology is what we are all about and we are sure you can find anything you want to know about bonded cladding on our website.

Why Tweha?

  • Guaranteed quality

    • The bonding systems of Tweha distinguish themselves in the market by its specific composition and high quality. Our adhesive is a one-component high-end hybrid-polymer. Its unique formulation provides the highest values for adhesion, tensile and shear strength.
    • With over 25 years of experience reliability is a proven fact. Our solutions can be found on several thousands of buildings in more than 40 countries around the world and they all continue to stand strong!
    • We offer a 10-year product guarantee free of charge.
    • All our products meet the latest standards of relevant EU directives.
  • Best system cost per m²

    • Thanks to the fact that Tweha bonding systems do not need any primers, significant savings can be made in the application of our products, both in terms of time and money. Moreover this strengthens significantly the reliability of our solution as we eliminate a critical path in the application process being the primer.
  • Material versatility

    • There is almost no cladding material or brand that we haven’t worked with. The use of our bonding systems is extremely broad and can be applied with all common materials used for cladding. Any additional material will be subject to approval based on our extensive test procedure performed in our own laboratory.
  • Market leading technical expertise

    • All our customers can count on our vast experience with bonded cladding technology. We provide full technical support in order to make sure all projects are prepared and executed according to the right standards and procedures.
    • The Tweha Academy provides a comprehensive package of instructions and training to everyone that works with our bonding systems in order to guarantee maximum quality for the application of our products.