Our partners in bonding

For over twenty years, Tweha has had the position and the ambition to advance the entire industry. Internationally we can only succeed in close cooperation with our distributors, which is why we call our foreign distributors our ‘Partners in bonding’.

By joining forces and matching processes as much as possible we obtain an always accurate and accessible exchange of information. Increased efficiency throughout the entire chain, that is the goal that we have worked for over twenty years.

Tweha has selected a number of representatives, partners in bonding and authorized distributors around the world to assist our trade customers.

All these partners have been trained by Tweha to ensure the best service possible. As we require a minimum amount of technical knowledge from our distributors, we have to be selective in whom we work with.

Contact details

Contact details for local distributors are provided through the information here above.

Or call our helpdesk, they can help you with any queries you may have.


T: +31 88 600 3 600

E: info@tweha.com

Tweha products are developed by TcB and are registered product- and trademarks of TcB. TcB is a product and technology development organisation located in The Netherlands. Chamber of Commerce 56565860 – RSIN 852189187.

TcB Foundation
Lepelstraat 1, bus 02.01
B-3920 Lommel

T + 31 06 5118 6294
E tcb@st1.nl
IBAN NL42 INGB 0006 9679 38

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With an extensive network of distributors around the globe, we are able to bring you personalized world-class service.

For more information please contact your local Partner in Bonding.

Or leave a message for us. Please fill out the enquiry form and we will get back to you soon!

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